Signs are Your tools to promoting Your business or location. If a sign looks run down, the public could reflect your business in the same way. When the public see’s a clean, solid, secure sign, they’re perception of your business will be the same.
For over 25 years, I've made signs, keeping the customer in mind, providing the best quality materials and workmanship. All to insure you get the most for your advertising dollar. Now I'm offering another way to extend that same dollar. With maintenance and repairs.
Sometimes just a cleaning, is all it takes to brighten up a dirty sign. With this cleaning, I’ll inspect the sign, it’s construction and it’s installation for any issues. Report any damage or repairs that are needed. Recommend solutions to keep your sign safe and durable and looking good. This service will help extend the life of your sign, improve your customers confidence in your business, while stretching that advertising dollar a little farther.
The Local Signman can do repairs, restore signs, repaint signs, refurbish signs, replace signs, fix signs, This includes, sandblasted signs, metal letters, etched mirrors, vehicle lettering, sandblasted redwood signs, sandblasted foam signs, vinyl lettering, lettering, artwork, design, pinstripping, boat lettering, custom lettering, painting, race car lettering, logos, design, installation. Located in Lawrenceville Ga. we serve the metro Atlanta area.
The 5 R's
For more info on how the weather destroyes your sign, click on the weather picture.
Refresh... A simple cleaning can restore the color and the curb appeal of your sign. This is a good time to inspect your sign for potential problems.
Restore... If a cleaning doesn’t quite do the job, it’s because the colors have already started to faded. Now would be a good time to clear coat the sign. This will help protect the sign and sometimes restore the colors.
Repaint... After cleaning your sign, if we find that the finish is gone, colors too, This would be the time to repaint your sign, restoring it back to it’s original condition. This also would be a good time to change the colors of your sign, if your in the need of an updated look fresh new look.
Repair... If damage is found as cracks, splits, rust, rot, or mold.
It needs to be repaired as soon as possible. It destroys the materials used to make your sign, and as it spreads it can worsen it's appearance and weaken it's structures.
Replace... Sometimes the damage is too great and the sign and or structure needs to be replaced. I can create a new sign exactly like the sign we’re replacing. Or offer ideas using different materials, new designs. I’ll also provide drawings and colors samples for the replacement sign.
Downtown Lawrenceville, Ga.