.. Rain
. Wind
The sun, wind and rain can have some damaging effects on your sign. Mostly in a very slow process breaking down paints and materials used to create your sign. If left un-corrected, could cause total destruction of your sign, making it unattractive, unproductive and unsafe.
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The sun’s UV rays can beat down on the finish of your signs. This causing the gloss finish to fail, allowing the colors to fade. It happens daily but it’s so gradual it goes un-dected. Until that one day you notice your sign looks kinda bad, by then the damage is already done. Signs that are in constant sun light, show this much sooner. Cleaning the sign and adding a UV clear coat protection will help prevent the sun from amaging your sign so fast. Sometimes restoring the colors that was thought to be lost. The sun’s heat plays a role in your sign as well. As heat builds up, it causes most materials to react. Expand and contract, this process repeated daily causes the moister protection of your sign to fail. When heat causes the materials to expand, now that the seals have failed, they allow water to get in. Water attracts dirt, this prohibits the materials to contract back to there original state. This keeps allowing more and more water and dirt inside the sign. This is where rot and rust get introduced to your sign.
Rain doesn’t really clean your sign. When your sign gets wet, it usually attracts dirt, much like your car after a rain? This is another slow process that builds up and hides the beauty of your sign and could help in the failure of it’s finish. The failed finish allows UV rays in to do more damage and the process of dirt getting wet and drying has a corrosive effect on the finish of everything. Dirt left to it’s own can grow thicker, allowing and promoting mold, rot and rust. This can lead to major damage to your sign and structure, if left un-noticed and uncorrected.
The wind, after a rain it helps dry up the water and moisture left behind. It’s a good thing. But sometimes during storms, the wind breaks tree limbs, throwing around debris, this could cause damage to your signs. It could. Cars drive by stirring up dirt and sand, this has a sandblasting effect on signs, if close to the road, stripping away the finish allowing them to deteriorate faster. Usually worse on one side of the sign or entrance. The wind has even knocked signs down or knocking them over. Also the power of the wind can shake, twist, rattle and rock a sign so much that it loosens bolts and screws, used to support your sign. Even weaken the foundation that holds it. Once any part loosens, it only gets worse, and eventually could get dangerous.