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Road Trip
Yep, The Local Signman is in the movies! well so to speak...
I signed the door seen here. Now I can honestly say "my work is seen around the world" Road Trip
is a 2000 comedy film written by Todd Phillips and Scott Armstrong and directed by Phillips. It is about the story of Josh (Breckin Meyer) who accidentally sends a video of him and his love interest (Amy Smart) to his childhood sweetheart Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard) and has to try to get the video back before Tiffany returns to school and before his final exam in philosophy. So he and his friends go on a road trip in order to do so.
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DJ Quails orders french toast without powdered sugar, so the disgusting waiter (Horatio Sanz) fixes it his way.
One of the funniest scenes from the movie Road Trip. The dog scene...
Andy Dick is the hotel clerk at the Bedford hotel.
Funny Road Trip movie clip / the snake scene...
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